The Toyo ICA-Rapid Test Reader combines traditional, significant advantages of horizontal flow systems with modern technology to create the "GOLD ABSORPTION IMMUNOASSAY" method, making it possible to obtain precise, repeatable, numerical results. In this regard, the Toyo ICA-Rapid Test Reader meets all the needs of diagnostic tests. Application Toyo ICA-Rapid Test Reader is used to analyze colloidal gold-based tests. The cassette should be used by professionals with tests. Portable devices must be used with special, rechargeable batteries or a special external power supply. The data can only be transferred to the computer via the USB cable by using the special computer program. Toyo ICA-Rapid Test Reader can be used in laboratories or anywhere that provides environmental and working conditions.

Product Specification:

HBsAg Test / Anti-HBs Test /Anti-HIV 1/2 Test / Anti-HCV Test / H.Pylori Ag Test / H.Pylori Ab Test / Strep A Test
Adenovirus Test / Rotavirus Test / Rota-Adeno Virus Test / Tuberculosis (TB) Test / Malaria Test / Dengue IgG/IgM Test
Anti-Syphilis Test / Chlamydia Test / Gonorrhea Test / hCG Cassette Test, urine / hCG Cassette Test, U/S
FOB Test / AFP Test / CEA Test / PSA Test / Troponin I Test / Myoglobin Test / CK-Mb Test /  Myoglobin & CK-MB & Troponin I Test CRP Test /

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